Monday, July 21, 2008


Typical Monday morning conversation; So...what did you do this weekend? My response would be 'I tried to control the pain that has been continuing to build. On Saturday, Dick and I ran errands. I should restate that. Dick ran errands. I sat in the passenger seat and watched him run in and out of stores. Saturday night I found myself very restless and without sleep. The pain that I had been experiencing in my rib area turned into spasms. Add to that the gastrointestinal problems I am experiencing from the pain meds I had been taking...I had a 'trying' weekend'.

When one lacks sleep it is difficult to think straight. Many things run through a worn and weary brain. My thought process concluded that I was experiencing liver or kidney problems, as the pain I have been experiencing is in that area. All I know is I was very uncomfortable. Sunday morning greeted Dick with me in tears and asking that he take me to the emergency room.

The emergency room decided a CT scan was in order. The results came back with what appears to be erosion of the bone between ribs 9 and 10 on my right side. Bone mets. It has been confirmed with me that erosion of bone is uncomfortable and painful. It's nice to know I'm not a wimp.

From the emergency room I have been admitted into my very familiar room at Fairview Southdale. Room 819 is going to be known as my signature room. I am going to start decorating it and adding my own personal touches to it soon. Funny...but not so much. It's a private room. That is always appreciated.

Right now the focus is to get my pain under control using various forms of morphine. We are also working on getting my intestinal disturbances under control. From there discussions will be taking place with regards to a treatment plan regarding my rib area. The word 'radiation' was thrown into the conversation yesterday. Ugh! As the next few days unfold the plan will become clearer. Right now we are dealing with the three P's....pain, poop and plan.

It's been a difficult twenty-four hours. I feel as if the wind has been knocked out of our sails. We had been living with such high hopes as we felt the Vitamin C infusions were assisting me in turning the corner. I'm not ending that part of this fight...just taking a bit of a detour.

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