Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vow Renewals

We had a beautiful vow renewal ceremony on Sunday, May 25. It was an amazing evening.

Our Host and Hostess, Bill & Sue, created the perfect setting for a ceremony and a rockin' party. We were originally married on their boat, Exuberance. It was only appropriate that we celebrate our renewal at their new home. and was it new.... The driveway, entry steps, landscaping, etc. were still being completed the day before the ceremony!!!

The weather leading up to the event was a bit turbulent. We were concerned about how we were going to handle the planned outdoor ceremony, knowing there was stormy weather, including tornadoes, just north of us. Shortly before guests started arriving, the dark clouds disappeared, the sun shined and the universe granted us a gift of an incredible evening.

Dick and I were surrounded by many people that have supported us through the years. The love being shared during the ceremony could be felt as the energy sparked in the air.

Our photographer has provided a link to the evenings photographs. As the pictures express, the exchange of vows was very emotional. We are so blessed to have each other. I love you Dick....and I still choose you.

If you would like to get a peek at our evening through photos......
event code: Bienapfl

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Harmony

What a wonderful feeling. The sun is shining. Plants are showing signs of coming alive. I feel good...really good!!!!

I never imagined I would be experiencing the wonderful energy I am feeling. I don't know if it's the cleanse (one more week left of the twenty-one day program), the fact that I have had enough time for the chemo to gradually work out of my body, the Quantum Touch I experienced this week, my wonderful acupuncture or the beginning of my macrobiotic lifestyle. Whew...I've been busy!

What I do know is that something or the combination of all of the above is granting me harmony within myself. It's almost as though I am on a high at times. I catch myself smiling and life!

With the experience of feeling better, I find that the cancer focus is no longer the constant talk in my head. When one feels their body has been drained it is easy to focus on only one thing. My brain is moving on. My heart is embracing what the universe is sharing with me. It's almost as though I can feel all the wonderful thoughts, prayers and support being sent flowing within me.

I am so grateful to be at this place. You are good. God is good.

May the harmony and happiness that I am feeling reverberate and resinate within you.