Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Blocks

I am still in the hospital. When I was initially admitted on Sunday, it was due to pain and constipation. From there, it was upgraded to the three P's. If only it were that simple.

Somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday, the three P's became less of a priority. It appears my body is fighting something. The professional community is at a complete loss as to what has taken over my body. I have been running a steady temp. It has spiked up to over 101 degrees, which is high for me, as my average temp is in the 97's. Add to that the fact that my blood pressure is lower than my average of 100/70. It's been as low as 70/50. (A person feels pretty lousy when it gets that low.)

Due to the concern about fever and blood pressure, I am being pumped with antibiotics, copious amounts of fluid and two units of blood. I've had more blood draws than you can imagine and a echocardiogram. I'm sure I'm missing a few things in there...but you get the idea.

The plan was to leave tomorrow for Illinois to begin my next round of vitamin C treatments. Until I have my pain under control and the specialists in infectious diseases have figured out what is causing havoc in my body, that plan may be shelved. We have decided we want to complete my radiation treatments and continue with the infusions at CTCA. The difficulty is getting my doctors here in Minneapolis to agree to my travel without answers to their current concerns.

In a word, this week has been frustrating. Okay...two words. Frustrating and scary.

Updates will follow. I am very aware there is a high level concern and wanting to know 'what's up'. I wish I had more to tell you.

I know that there are many wonderful prayers and positive intentions being sent my direction. Please know that I appreciate the time that you take to think of me and the energy that you provide.

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