Monday, March 3, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I returned home from the hospital on Saturday. Last week was a hellish week. One always fears the complications of chemotherapy. Treatment is not really as easy as some would think. Throw a few toxins in the body...kill the naughty cells and be done with treatment. The truth is, there are many battles being waged. This current battle quickly turned into a war and I did not have all of my armament to defend me. My body just could not tolerate the new regimen.

We go back to Mayo to meet with Dr. Grothey next Monday, March 10. Dick and I are both at our wits end as to what we should be doing and what path should be followed. We are completely frustrated by the fact that the professionals do not seem to think that there is any other way to attack this beast other than with chemotherapy. Well, that's a problem, as I am running out of options even with that. I have gone through four different regimens thus far. There aren't many rabbits left to be pulled out of the hat. My cancer is a very specific squamous cell. It isn't treated like a typical colon cancer.

We are heading to Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday and will not return until Sunday evening. We will be celebrating Dick's parents 65th wedding anniversary. It will be good for both of us to get away. It will allow us to think of something other than the "C" word and the next upcoming battle that Dr. Grothey has planned.

Last week was a true testament to the power of prayer. I know I could not have pulled through and recovered as quickly as I did without being surrounded by all the people I have been blessed with in my life. I want to thank you from deep inside my heart.

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