Monday, March 10, 2008

Requesting Heavy Hitters

Today was a short day at Mayo. There are so many items to be communicated, I don't know where to start.

First, I will ask that you hold me in your very special prayers this week. I am numb at the moment, as the realization of what the next couple of days holds is hitting quite hard.

There was no treatment today. My body is depleted from my last treatment and the complications that occurred thereafter.

I learned today that my body may be genetically allergic to the newest protocol of Irinotecan. My doctor requested a blood test that will tell us for sure if that is the case. He shared with me that being genetically predisposed is so rare the test is not routinely given. Well, we all know, in his words, how 'unique' I am.

With the above information, this is what he thinks happened that landed me in the hospital. I am most likely allergic. My body did not process the chemotherapy as it would normally. It most likely went through my body two maybe three times. To make matters worse, if he had known I was allergic prior to treatment, he would have reduced the dosage to one quarter the amount given. If I have my math correct, that would mean that I received eight to twelve times the amount of chemotherapy my body can tolerate and stay within the healthy limits of treatment. Thankfully, I am recovering without any long term damage. My kidneys and liver show no signs of stress.

Here's the deal. He does not think I should receive Irinotecan again....ever. With that, he confirmed with me there are no more chemotherapy treatment options. No more tricks to be pulled out of his magic hat.

So....what now? A PET scan has been scheduled for Wednesday morning. If the scan shows that the cancer has not traveled to any other part of my body, I will meet with a thoracic surgeon and Dr. Grothey Wednesday afternoon to discuss surgical options. Should the scan show more metastasis I am not a candidate for surgery.

Here's the synopsis. At this time, if I am not a surgical candidate, there are no more treatment options.

Prayers....positive intentions...healing energy....miracles. Please, I could use your top guns right now.

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Praying for you and your family.