Thursday, December 13, 2007

The day is greeting me with both apprehension and excitement. Our appearance on the Montel Williams show airs today. Montel gave me the opportunity to explain my early symptoms and how I was misdiagnosed. Early screening is a message I hope many people learn from the show. The thought of saving just one life brings me great hope!!!!

I will comment on my disappointment of the local media. I had communicated with several contacts, including the local Fox affiliate that airs the Montel show. In my communication I explained my need to get the word out about early screening. My hope was they would at least mention today's show. Not to get my face on local media...but to assist me in causing change in the discussion of colon cancer. I am learning quickly that it is a taboo subject.

This may be an assumption on my part...I have to wonder if the show was related to breast cancer screening if there would have been publicity. Breasts are wonderful...they provide nourishment, comfort and enjoyment. Colons create fecal matter. What people do not recognize is that more people die from colon cancer each year than breast cancer. These statistics are not known due to the imbalance of awareness.

Montel provided the engine...I will continue to fuel it and get the message out.

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Diane said...

I saw you on Montel today and remember reading your post on the colon club. I too was treated for anal cancer back in 2003. I belong to a yahoo group that has over 80 members most of them women our age. I was diagnosed at age 44. I also wish there would be a show on women with anal cancer because it is so often misdiagnosed. I have posted a few times on the colon club but most of them do not have squamous cell cancer so they get a different treatment protocol. We do have some members in our yahoo group that are stage 4 one women Kate is being treated at Sloan Kettering right now. Good luck and if you want to find out more about the yahoo group you can email me. Thank-you for sharing your story with Montel today it was inspirational.