Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life

By now, I am sure a majority of you have watched a seasonal favorite 'It's a Wonderful life'. The storyline is to help us all see and appreciate the many good things that surround us on a daily basis.

As difficult as it is to explain, I have found that receiving the diagnosis of cancer, specifically Stage IV, is very similar to the movie in many ways. Personally, I felt my life was very much like George Bailey's. There were things that happened when I was younger that haunted me for years. Discontent would be a good description of how I lived on a daily basis...always looking for something better (or what I thought was better).

It seems I am learning daily that the things that I thought I was missing were with me all along. The material spoils, as much as we would all like to have them, are no longer of high importance. The relationships that I have with my family has grown stronger and I have a true appreciation of the 'meaning' of family. Friendships and the outpouring of support and love has been amazingly uplifting. What I didn't recognize was the Lord has always provided for me, my family and friends have always been there. What I now see was I did not accept them as I felt I was undeserving.

The point that I am trying to communicate is that we are all George Baily at one time or another. It seems it requires something to rock our world to recognize that we are all provided for....just look within.

The Holiday season causes many stresses. Unfortunately, the busyness of it all takes away from the true meaning. Give yourself your own true gift. Take time to recognize all the wonderful things that are in your life and taking place around you. Open your heart....what matters will come to you.

Of course I have to close with this...'Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.' You are all my angels. Your wings protect me and hold me with love daily.

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