Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

It's been a busy week. I've been driving back and forth to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Initially, my appointment was on Monday. When I met with Dr. Grothey at 1:30 he discussed with me the option of the once every three week treatment regimen again. I was convinced that this was the way to go, as I am still strong and able to accept the stronger infusion. He recognizes that I want to live a life with exuberance and he wants me to continue doing so. His term was 'my jetsetting celebrity'.

When I went up to the chemo floor after my appointment with Dr. Grothey, I was turned away as it was too late in the day to begin treatment. It is a five hour infusion and the nurses weren't too excited about staying until 7:00 p.m. So....back to Mayo yesterday for treatment.

This treatment will require that I receive a Neulasta injection tomorrow morning. I've heard the side effects from this can be worse than Neupogen (Lord help me!) I will need to go back to Mayo on the 31st for blood tests, as this is the time my healthy cells will bottom out and they want to keep close monitoring, as this could be very detrimental to my continued health. (Okay, I'll say it, possible hospitalization) I will also have my first CT scans that morning. Yes...I will be growing more anxious as the day approaches.

So far today I am feeling well. Tomorrow will be the day that begins showing the telltale signs of toxins running through my body and waging their war. I've been told that this will be much more difficult for me when it comes to side effects. Timing couldn't be worse, as Christmas preparations are high on my list. One thing I have learned is not to sweat the small stuff. I will take that into consideration when seeing unfinished tasks.

I am working on getting edited copies of our Montel Show appearance. My hope is to upload it on my kathybienapfl.blogspot site. I will let you know when I have this accomplished. There has been high interest from people that missed the airing.

The two week treatment break was a blessing. I was able to accomplish so many things. Christmas shopping, socializing, making the trip to New York...just feeling like a human being. It's amazing how the universe works when one opens their heart and is accepting of the larger plan.

If I do not have a chance to write before Christmas, please remember to enjoy the day for what it was meant to be. Love your families and recognize the small wonders the day will surely bring.

May the blessing and beauty of this season be with you now and throughout the new year.

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