Friday, December 28, 2007

Farewell 2007

Can you believe we are approaching the end of 2007 and welcoming 2008? What a year 2007 was indeed. The first half of the year was a period of celebration. The scare from the previous Summer and Fall had us pulling out the stops and living with a new energized awareness.

Mid-year began with what I refer to as the roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, most of the ride was with my family and friends joining me in the front seat in a downward spiral without a throttle or brakes. It was a period I care not to repeat. Trying locate a cancer treatment center that provided comfort as well as the ability to extend and provide quality of life was more challenging than one could imagine. Choosing Dr. Grothey and the Mayo clinic has been the right choice.

Rounding out the year, the holiday season found me living through the most frightened state I have experienced. The early part of the season was emotionally painful. As I write this, I recognize that I came out of it experiencing the true meaning of the season. This past week has found me in a place of inner peace and great hope.

The last day of 2007 will have me at Mayo undergoing my first scans since this new treatment regimen began in September. I am experiencing a calm that I cannot explain. An inner voice is telling me everything will be fine. I am not going to use my energy worrying about something I have no control over at this point. I know that I am being lifted by many, many prayers and support.

One Christmas gift I must share with you. It brought me to tears as I was overwhelmed by the presentation. We've all heard how simple things given from the heart are the most meaningful and memorable gifts. My daughter-in-law, Heather, had been working behind the scenes contacting many of the special people in my life. She sent each of them fabric squares to inscribe with phrases and words of support. The presentation on Christmas Eve was the squares she had received to date. She will be creating a quilt that will surround me with literal love. Indeed a gift with meaning and one that cannot be purchased in a store. Thank you all that contributed....and those that have not had time to participate, it's not too late!

As I close on what will most likely be my last post of 2007, I want to thank all of you for all of your comfort, support and prayers this past year. You are all indeed my own special angels. My hope is I can provide the same for all of you in the future.

May 2008 find you with contentment in your hearts, acknowledging daily life celebrations and the blessings of health.

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