Friday, November 2, 2007


I learned something new today! What happens when a picc line is threaded too long through your vein? Well, in my case, it was pushing on my heart.

I had been experiencing heart palpitations. Something was telling me to raise a red flag and make everyone aware things were just not right.

Then it was recommended that I have an ultrasound on my picc line. They discovered a blood clot and are now taking the necessary precautions to alleviate that potential problem.

This has just been discovered within this past hour or so. I was really concerned about how I was going to keep my post interesting this evening. Guess that took care of things, eh?

My chemo is going extremely well. I am not feeling sick in the least, my mouth sores have not begun and my appetite is still right where it should be.

So...just a small setback for the day. Kind of weird thinking that something was tickling my heart and I could feel it.

Moral of today's story. Listen to your knows when something is not quite right!

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