Friday, November 2, 2007

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2007 11:14 AM, CDT

Somehow I forgot that it wasn't necessarily during the infusions that I felt's the days following. Ugh!

I am very happy I was busy living life while carrying the pump, as my energy has now gone down to about 40%.

Evidently the acupuncture I received yesterday is working well, as my kidney's are definitely working overtime trying to rid my body of the many toxins. A nice epsom salt bath is definitely in order before Kate's birthday party this afternoon. I can't believe she's three years old already!

Dick is busily trying to keep up with household responsibilities; laundry, sweeping, kitchen duty, garden maintenance...the list goes on. He is definitely going to require a boys shooting weekend very soon. Deservedly so.

I have a three week chemo break, as my next session would be conflicting with our Sloan visit on the 13th. I will not be infused again until the 18th with the continuous pump until the 20th.

We are heading out to Sloan on the 12th and returning on the 15th. Hopefully my energy level will be intact and we will be able to enjoy New York City close to the date of our anniversary.

It's a beautiful Minnesota weekend. I don't know why this nasty disease continues to hit me the most inappropriate time of the year. I should be out working in my garden and enjoying the bounty of my hard work. Instead, I've been told to live a vampires existence and stay out of the sun, as my skin is highly sensitive to the sun with the drugs.

Go out and enjoy a bit of the beauty this day has brought...appreciate yet another gift.

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