Friday, November 2, 2007

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 2006 04:24 PM, CDT
Note to self. Just because you have energy...don't push it. I'm paying for it today.

My area of treatment has become radioactive over night. OUCH! Pretty sure my body is trying to heal. My energy level is at about five percent today. I will be soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and my iPod this evening.

I want to share with all of you what a wonderful husband and daughter I have. Dick could be away all weekend doing what he enjoys most... shooting at a tournament. Instead, he is cleaning toilets, doing laundry, ironing and looking after me!

Eileen is pitching in as well....and giving me lots of hugs and encouragement. I am so lucky!

Today is the 3 day breast cancer walk in Minneapolis. I live directly across the street from an elementary school. They are using the parking lot as the end point for today's walk. It is wonderful to see friends and family supporting their loved ones that have been affected by that terrible disease. There really is a lot of love in this world.

My next post will be about the treatment process. Need to get my facts together....after my nap and visit to the tub.

Love to you all.

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