Friday, November 2, 2007

FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007 04:31 AM, CDT

Yesterday was an amazing day. It is difficult to express what I am feeling. The closest I can come to explaining what I am experiencing is inner peace.

I feel that I am surrounded with so much love and support. I received so many cards and letters yesterday. It was as if the universe knew that I was running low and I needed to be filled back up. I shouldn't say so much 'I', as this experience is so much more than just me.

Thank you, all of you, for the kind words and the strength you are providing. The power of all of your positive intentions and thoughts are truly an amazing gift.

As a family, we had a peaceful and enjoyable day. We spent the evening at one of our favorite restaurants, a small Italian cafe in Edina. While we were there we experienced something we hadn't enjoyed in quite some time....laughter.

I have changed my diet significantly these past few weeks, as I am learning that there are certain foods that feed cancer. No more sugar, alcohol or red meat. It appears that with my change in diet, Dick is learning to enjoy more fruits and vegetables. If you know Dick, this is quite an accomplishment on his part. As we were finishing dinner, Dick pointed out to me how much he has been enjoying salads. As I was acknowledging this feat, Eileen piped up from across the table. 'Mom, let's get our ice skates...hell is freezing over.' I must have jolted all of the other restaurant patrons out of their seats, as it released laughter I hadn't experienced in quite some time.

I probably shouldn't condone such statements, but the timing was impeccable. Laughter is a very good thing.

We ended our day just being close. Me on my side of the bed, Eileen in he middle and Dick on the other side. Oh...and Bert, the super dog. All of us, enjoying the moment and gaining strength from each other.

Our lives are made of these small moments.

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