Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great News, Guys!

Dr. Eden, my Radiologist, walked into the exam room with a huge smile on his face. His words were "great news, guys!" I waited a moment. Okay...when will the 'but' come into this conversation.

From there he went on to explain that the most recent series of treatments worked. The small tumor in my left lung has been obliterated. The scan that would normally show multiple tumors in my right lung....gone! There is one pesky spot that appears to be an encapsulated tumor. The size has not changed in three months. They believe it could possibly be scar tissue at this point.

'See you in six months! You're doing well.. If the six month scans show no progress, we will not need to see you for a year!' A reprieve...a HUGE reprieve!!!

I gave him a hug. He said, "I'll take the hug...but thank the Lord."

From there we went on the see my Oncologist, Dr. Levin. My blood work shows that I am 'normal'. No anemia. My white blood counts are within healthy range. My liver and kidneys are functioning normally. Isn't it amazing what a body can go through?

Dick and I headed to the elevators and I started the happy dance. Is this for real? I felt giddy. He reminded me that I will be able to work in my garden for the first time in three summers!

I awoke this morning with the same fear that has been plaguing me every morning for some time now. I realize that it will take some time for this amazing news to sink in. Maybe I am a little worn from all that I have been through. I have survived a difficult battle.

My husband, Dick, has been an amazing supporter in this fight. He has been right by my side through all of it. He made a choice to walk hand-in-hand with me through the good and bad as well. Thank you, Dick. You are deeply loved and greatly appreciated.

How do I thank all of you for the amazing support your have provided? Your prayers were heard and answered. We all know it is all in His hands...but you must have been sending some pretty compelling requests. I will be forever indebted to you. Thank you.

I also want to thank the amazing staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. To think, a year ago April, I was told by another large medical institution to go home and make peace with myself. CTCA would not allow those words to be echoed. They have a huge arsenal and were ready to reload and take it up to the next level, if necessary. Dr. Chris, Dr. Levin and Dr. know how I feel about you and the superb care you have provided

This journey is not over. I might lay low for a bit of time. It's been some time since I have been able to breathe in fresh air. I need to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

I love you....all of you.


sheetal said...

Kathy I'm very happy for you and your family!! That's great you can live your life and enjoy it now! My dad had colon cancer as well but he's okay now. God is Great!
I saw your show on youtube it was very emotional and sad for me cause my dad was going through the same thing. There's a website for colon and rectal cancer patients and survivors come join us. Share your story and success with them, it's very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer! God bless you and Dick! What do you plan on growing in your garden? Margo Gray-Proctor