Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome Back Old Waistline

Swimsuit season is fast approaching. The pH Miracle way of eating is certainly assisting in any desire I might have to wear a swimsuit comfortably and without internal bad talk. (ladies, you know what I mean)

I've been working so hard at alkalizing, it seems it is all I think about. Could it be that I am constantly hungry and craving chocolate or something as simple as a comforting cup of joe? My breakfast this morning consisted of homemade guacamole with a sprouted whole wheat tortilla that I cut up and made into chips. Better than the green vegetable concoction I'm supposed to be downing every morning. When I go to 'drink' my throat almost closes up in revolt.

Okay...okay, all kidding aside. All of my hard work is showing a waistline I never thought I would see again...but, I am still not alkalized! Evidently I need to take the next big step and do a complete cleanse. (Too much information?) This frightens me, as my body is already weak from chemo treatments. I really hesitate to put my body through more trauma. I may have to write Dr. Young directly and ask him for safe suggestions. I never knew this would be so daunting. One must keep the goal of long term survival in mind. It's amazing what you can do with a little motivation.

Our household is on pins and needles this week. I have my next CT scan scheduled for this Friday at Mayo. Dick and I will return to Mayo again on Monday to meet with Dr. Grothey with the hope that he will have diagnostic results. I also have my next treatment scheduled for Monday. I feel very good about my scans and am really not carrying concern. Your prayers and support continue to lift me. Thank you!

I will be returning to Mayo again on the 26th, as I have been invited to join the Executive Director of Get Your Rear In Gear!, a local organization supporting colorectal cancer research and awareness. She has asked that I present the world-renowned researchers with my personal story and put a human face in front of the very people that provide life saving research. I am really looking forward to that opportunity.

My Qigong sessions have been going very well. Through Qigong I am learning to meditate and focus on my complete healing. I attended my most recent session this past Monday. I voiced a concern of extreme mid/upper back pain, which is very unusual for me. My concern was returned with a smile. Evidently my daily meditation and exercises have been moving old and stagnant energy out of my lung area. Master Lin informed me this is a very good thing and advised that health is returning to my body. Qigong is some pretty cool stuff. I highly recommend it...even if you are healthy.

Other than having the winter blues, I am doing very well. This next month or so will find me in Charleston, SC, Sacramento and Cabo San Lucas...thank goodness! I know I am blessed to have these travel opportunities. Maybe God knows I can handle chemo better than the cold of a Minnesota winter.

I need to go eat something. Hmmmmm.....I wonder if I can figure out how to make creme brulee' out of tofu?

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