Monday, January 28, 2008

Planning For Fun!

The funk from my most recent infusion has passed and I'm ready to face the world with full energy and daily appreciation. I've been idle and anxiously waiting a bit of special planning. I haven't shared with all of you an event that is taking place May 25. It appears that Dick is becoming more romantic with time, as he has suggested that we renew our marriage vows.

Our wedding anniversary date is July 22....the same date of my initial cancer diagnosis. When our anniversary approached this past July, neither of us wanted to celebrate. Just before Christmas, Mr. Romantic announced to me that he would like to change our anniversary date to May 25, the date of our first date.

Well, he didn't just announce his intentions to me, but pulled our very dear friends, Sue & Bill, into the idea at the same time. They agreed on the spot to open their beautiful new home to our friends and family. This is a tremendous and thoughtful gesture on their part as they are moving into their new home in March! Pretty gutsy of my husband, don't you think?

So...I feel like a bride again. Planning and preparing for a beautiful ceremony and celebration. A celebration of life and living! Dick thinks more about my emotional health than I give him credit for. I know that part of his intention was a new anniversary date...but it is also something for me to wake up and think about every day. Something to look forward to....even during my less light days.

Eileen and I are off to Stillwater today to look for the perfect dress. There is a special little store by the name of Our Shop that has always put me into fantasy world every time I pass it. We're going in today and fulfilling that fantasy. Simply amazing.

There are days that marriage feels challenging and quite frankly, difficult. Then the person that 'chooses' to be with you through better or worse and with sickness and in health, tells you he would do it all over again. I choose you too, my knight on his white horse coming in and making my world...just that much better.

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