Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a Go!

Hurray!!!! My white blood count has gone up significantly since Thursday. I am presently being infused and am jubilant!

Evidently, sitting on my ever widening behind this weekend was a good thing for those finicky white blood cells. In frustration, after my treatment refusal last week, I did a lot of research on what causes white blood counts to go down. Can you believe exercise and activity? While in Palm Springs I was very active and swimming laps non-stop for 40 minutes each day. On top of that I was keeping up with very energized people till all hours. (Note to self; be sure to not schedule a trip with Sue & Bil just prior to

I cannot take complete credit for being able to enjoy sitting in this infusion chair for the next five hours. I received so many kind and healing notes and phone calls since my last post. Once again, your prayers and positive energy have lifted me. Thank you so, so much!

A short story to share with all of you. More evidence that early colorectal screening awareness is so crucial. One of the nurses just told me that she met a seventeen year old last week that is undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Seventeen years old!

Not that I want your prayers and positive energy being diverted to another person, but, if you could, please send healing thoughts and prayers to that young person and family. One should not question God's ways....but goodness.

As much as I would like to continue typing, the benadryl that is slowly dripping into my body is taking its effect on my ability to concentrate. Guess this will be it for I am....starting to get.....very sleepy.

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