Friday, November 2, 2007

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2007 10:01 AM, CDT

I was able to enjoy seeing a huge smile on Dr. Grothey's face yesterday. It had been a month since we last saw him and three chemo infusions. When I reported that my cough has disappeared and the pain I was feeling is gone, he was quite happy. He stated 'good clinical outcome'. I questioned if it was too soon to really be able to experience tumor shrinkage, his response was absolutely not. He explained that by using the right combination of drugs it is possible to see early response.

My blood counts are quite unhealthy yet. I was not able to receive chemo yesterday. After lengthy discussion, we have decided to start the once every three week schedule with boosters of Neulasta. Although the weekly infusion is easier on my recovery, it is difficult for my body to remake white blood cells in time for the next treatment. Actually, he told me he thinks I will be able to cut my chemo down to once a month. Let's talk about living!!!!!

Dr. Grothey is very human and has a great sense of humor. I mentioned I had a girls trip planned next week. He gave me a pass on treatment. With a look of knowing, he asked for details upon our next meeting. Who would think a world class Mayo doctor would be so interested in the details of my personal life. The gleam in his eye was very telling that he knows me

We have been enjoying Jeff's time back home. He returns back to Pennsylvania on Thursday. I can't believe how quickly time has passed. My anxiety is growing knowing he will soon be leaving. We have enjoyed having him here with us. He has become such a mature young man. It has been a true gift to have him back. Issues that plagued a teenager are long forgotten. Love and appreciation have been felt and spoken.

My spirits are high. I feel that I am going to beat this beast and kick it to the curb. I know that I have been held up by all of you. Your continued prayers and miracle wishes are heard and in motion.

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