Friday, November 2, 2007

SUNDAY, JUNE 03, 2007 01:03 PM, CDT

Day two is much easier than the first day! Physically and mentally.

I've been up walking twice today, sat in the chair and had breakfast and been to the bathroom a few times. Huge leaps from yesterday.

My chest tube will remain until tomorrow. Dr. Jacques believes I should be well enough to go home by then.

This doctor makes his patients work hard! He's one tough but very good doctor.

My cancer is squamous cell. same as the last. Don't know that much more until I see my Oncologist tomorrow.

I know that I have missed a few phone calls. I was either on my way out for a walk or in the potty. The best way to reach me will be my cell phone. Text messaging is a great form of communication as well.

I can feel your love and support. I so, so appreciate it.

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