Friday, November 2, 2007


I have moved from the bedroom! The leather couch in the family room feels great!!! (Well, the plasma t.v. is an improvement as

It's wonderful to have the energy to enjoy other areas of my home. It helps me feel as though I am no quite alone. I think Dick will be surprised that I can actually help him with a few of his weekend chores.

When I compare my health status to one week ago, it is amazing how quickly the body can recover. Although I tire easily, I see the small improvements that each days blessings bring.

One thing that is being learned through this experience; patience. All things happen when they are supposed to. I knew that...I now recognize it to a greater degree in life. One day at a time has never had such great meaning until now.

Your continued prayers and positive thoughts are lifting my wings. Because of all of you, I will be flying again soon. Thank you....thank you....thank you.

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