Friday, November 2, 2007

SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2007 10:27 AM, CDT

We met with my Oncologist yesterday. What we learned is that I am a very special person Actually, a rarity. He advised us that there were probably less than 400 people in the world that have had my metastatic tumor. There is no research to indicate what the best course of action would be.

He provided us with four chemotherapy options. The one he recommended most was Erbitux. It's the latest and greatest for treating metastatic colorectal cancer. The company that created this, Imclone Systems Incorporated, is actually the company that got Martha Stewart in trouble and sent her to jail. Martha's a smart cookie. I think she made the right investment.

I will be in contact with Dr. Dang from Sloan this weekend to discuss my oncologist's suggestion. I am hoping that since I am such a rarity to science, this will pique Sloan's interest and they will sign me right up. The specialist that Dr. Dang is suggesting take my case is Dr. Eileen O'Reilly with Sloan. She is heavily involved in research in my specific type of cancer. Time will tell.

When I mentioned surgery to my oncologist he was very confused. Evidently, he had not been privy to the conversation my two surgeons had earlier this week. He's against it. Would rather just treat me with chemo. He is also completely against radiation, as he is sure it will completely kill my lung and leave me with just one. He did suggest I get a second or third opinion. Well, we're working on that with Sloan.

He has suggested I have surgery for my port this upcoming week. This will allow me time to heal for whatever course comes my way. The idea of a port turns my stomach. I've not felt well all morning thinking about it. I'll get over it.

We're picking out paint for the bedroom today. Even if I do end up at Sloan, it will most likely be an every two week regime, wherein I will be flying in for a couple of days and returning back to Minneapolis. It seems I'll be spending a fair amount of time feeling like crap in my bedroom. We're planning ahead and creating a calming and healing atmosphere.

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