Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I received a lovely note from my dear friend Ann yesterday. She was responding to my most recent post and had her own sweet words of wisdom to share with me.

Her note touched me so much that I asked if I could share it with all of you. We all experience life challenges. I hope you find Ann's words as beautiful and encouraging as I found them.

"I once wrote a long, drawn out explanation of the darkness and the light...if for nothing other than to create some kind of "reason" for the ups and downs that were causing me distress...and it went something like this:

In beginning drawing class one of the first things they teach you is that shadow is just as important as light. A composition is stronger visually and is far more appealing with the substance shadow lends. That being said, the co-existence of light along side the darkness is equally vital to creating a successful work of art...it's all about balance. Staying somewhere in between is most likely comfortable for most of us...but you're a wonderful, unique masterpiece Kathy, and you have these challenges in front of you because you have the wisdom to understand and the strength to endure.

The hard times must be remembered long enough to appreciate the glorious highs that shine on our shoulders. And when the weight of the world is resting in that very place...you'll feel the warmth of happier times to get you through..."


BB33301 said...

Hi Kathy:

Thank you for your posts. I have also been treated for Squamos Cell Anal cancer and was diagnosed with Stage IIIB. I was treated at MD Anderson March-May with very good results. I am now having some symptoms of potential reoccurence so am having more tests December 10th. I would love to connect with you directly as there are few of us out there. I have one long term friend who has survived it for 11 years who I worked with when she was treated back then and another one for 5 years (she is the mother of a close friend).

I am new to blogging and also have a Caringbridge site.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Beth, Yahoo has an anal_cancer group that has over 80 active members. Most of them are women in their 40-50's who have been treated for various stages of anal cancer.