Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Spelndor

Autumnal colors are gracing our landscape here in Minnesota. We have been taking in the beauty and recognizing this annual gift . This is my favorite time of year. The colors seem to speak to me. In turn I rejoice in their splendor.

We returned home from Illinois one month ago this week. I have been gaining strength daily. Still, some days seem to be more energized than others. I find that I am not as patient with myself as I know I should be. I can hear Dr. Chris saying "Geez, give yourself a break. Your body has been through hell and back." I know this mentally...but I still find I want to live each day more fully.

I joined a fitness club last week. It is too difficult to sit and wait for my energy and strength to return. My hope is that by working out on a regular basis, this will speed up my body's sluggish feel. So...if there are any friends that belong to Lifetime Athletic, please let me know if you are looking for a workout buddy.

Being home is a delight. Dick and I have both been busy working on projects and organization. My house is once again clean after a summer of neglect. Dick's special garage project is making great progress. We both have a new found appreciation for our time together and the simplicities of life.

One thing that I have been doing as a personal treat is spending evenings enjoying a bubble bath with my iPod playing the amazing music of Andrea Bocelli. I have decided I can do such things now. I never allowed myself to enjoy this simple pleasure before. While sitting in the bath I am able to review my day and appreciate all of the wonderful works from above that surround me.

Take the time to enjoy what you view as your own selfish indulgence. Don't wait for 'some day'. Breathe in and acknowledge the special gifts that have been provided to you in this day and every day.

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