Friday, December 7, 2007

We're Back!!!

We're back!!! What a wonderful and memorable experience.

The word that colorectal cancer afflicts many age groups and to insist on screening will be out!!!!

Manhattan was bustling with holiday shoppers. The Rockefeller Christmas tree was magnificent!!! Most importantly, Montel Williams is a truly caring man. He has the warmest eyes that reveal a soul of kindness and compassion.

I spent several hours shooting background/introduction footage at the studio on Tuesday. It's interesting to see how a creative team makes things happen. The staff; producers, director, camera men, etc. were amazingly nice and accommodating.

A second reunion with my son, Jeff, was a gift in itself. We all enjoyed spending time together, as we had a free day on Wednesday.

I will not go into detail about the show. I will tell you that I am the first featured guest and then Dick, Eileen & Jeff join me on stage. After my interview, two other families that have lost loved ones to cancer return after having been on the show previously.

The show is titled '6 Months to Live'. It airs next Thursday, December 13th. Check your local listings.

Six months refers to a documentary being featured on the Biography Channel this month.

No more details regarding the show itself.... I will tell you, there is a surprise at the end of my interview with Montel.

Get the word out!!!! My hope is my appearance saves lives.

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