Friday, November 2, 2007

New Territory

I have been posting updates on Caring Bridge since the beginning of this life changing experience. The avenue of communicating provided by Caring Bridge has been a phenomenal tool for my family and friends. I've made the decision to blog more extensively through this medium.

It is necessary to get the word out that colon cancer is not a disease for only the old. Talk about eye openers. I was diagnosed at 46 and told that the tumor had been quietly growing for several years. I had symptoms that were ignored. The medical community never considered a colonoscopy.

On a beautiful sunny day in July 2006 the world in which I knew changed. There have been many wonderful experiences during this journey....but I really miss the person I was before the big "C" hit.

I will be adding my old posting so that new friends can read about my journey and learn from my experience.

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