Friday, November 2, 2007

Miss Eileen, My Personal Stylist

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2007 06:57 PM, CDT

Wow....this past week has been very busy! Most of it was fun and enjoyable. One almost forgets that there are wayward cells in my body still requiring stern attention.

My personal stylist, Miss Eileen, joined me last Wednesday on a wig fitting adventure. We learned that I should never be a blonde. Mid-length is a definite Glamour don't. Laughter was indeed great medicine all through the day. I also had to laugh at the prices....or I would cry. Yikes!

Knowing that I will be losing my hair, I scheduled a mother/daughter portrait sitting. We had pictures taken at Flash Photography on Thursday. What a great experience. Having pictures to document our current journey will be cherished for years to come. The photographer allowed us to capture images of our real relationship. She could see we have silly fun together as well as a deeply shared love. She also captured the fear we are currently facing. My only regret is not having Jeff with us. I miss him so much.

Thursday was also a day of prep. As we were having pictures taken I was body was screaming for food. A colonoscopy was scheduled for Friday. You can only imagine the anxiety that was building, knowing what could be lurking deep inside my colon. I didn't express my concern, but I knew that if anything was found, we would be experiencing another life changing time in our lives.

Good news! Nothing was found!!! I have a perfect colon. As I look back, I think my doctor was as excited as I was. He kept telling me to go out and have a big celebration. I think he wanted to join us for martini's. Maybe after my next 'all clear'.

It was an amazingly beautiful Fall weekend. We met friends for a weekend of fun up north. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I felt like God had planned the color changes and love of friends just for me. What a wonderful respite before the beginning of a new chemo journey.

Today was my first chemo experience with Mayo. I was treated like a princess... Okay, at my age, a queen. They showed me to a private infusion room where I had a comfortable bed awaiting me and a flat screen tv. They treated me like an individual and showed great care and concern. I was immediately loopy from my Benadryl high and slept through the rest of the infusion process. I now have derivatives of the Yew tree floating through me....kicking those cancer cells for good! Yes, a Yew tree IS going to save my life.

So...that's what I've been up to. Being off of chemo for a month felt great...but I know that isn't helping me long term. I am now receiving weekly infusions. The nurses explained that my side effects should be less severe and very tolerable. Lord, hear my prayers.

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